Welcome to Easiklip DIY Hardwood Floors

We empower YOU to install your own exquisite solid hardwood flooring in no time at all. Our easy clip system even works over concrete, in basements and just about anywhere you want to install beautiful hardwood floors. Check out our DIY Hardwood Flooring Blog for in-depth articles on everything hardwood!

DIY Hardwood Flooring Blog

With Easiklip, you can bring the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home, increase your home's value and be proud of an eco-friendly floor you built yourself. Our hardwood floor store sells DIY solid floating hardwood floors that are easy to install without nails, glue or fuss.

We specialize in solid oak flooring for DIY projects and home renovations as well as new residential and commercial construction projects throughout Canada and the United States as well as Europe and Asia.Our easy-to-install floating wood floors have been popular in the international marketplace for almost 15 years.

Buy your hardwood flooring right here on our website and we'll ship it right to your door, anywhere in the United States or Canada. We even have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

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