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Custom Injection Molding

Pro Mold's Injection Molding capability produces high quality products with a fast turn around time.Our modern, fully equipped facility is at your service to provide molded parts in any material.With 9 late model injection molding machines, we can handle production runs well into millions of pieces.Quality is assured with a complete QC lab (ISO 9002 Structured) which uses quality inspection plans developed to your specification.

Plastic Mold Making Services

Pro Mold's Plastic Mold Making Services fabricates various types of molds for plastic injeciton applications, blow molding, insert molding, etc.Our Tool Room has been producing high quality molds for almost 30 years.We know what it takes to produce a reliable mold and test all injection molds with our in-house molding capabilities.When your mold is delivered, you will be assured that it will run first time, every time.We welcome repairs, engineering changes, and maintenance on your existing molds.Fast deliveries (as little as two weeks) can be accomplished under certain conditions.

Plastic Mold Design Engineering

Pro Mold's in-house engineering takes the time to properly design parts, molds and engineering changes to insure a successful build.Our engineering staff will assist you with part and mold design, also material selection.Molds are designed in-house for complete control of quality through design.We are licensed Solidworks and MasterCAM users and can accept any type of CAD file for quote or build.
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