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Deepermind Philosophy4/27/20

by -George Norwood

Brain Organization

The brain is a complex device and we know nothing more complicated.  As with any complex machine or computer program it has to have organization.

Brain scientists are reluctant to consider the organization of the brain as it sounds religious and unscientific.  So a divide has developed between the materialistic-scientific and the imaginative-spiritual.

The brain has been studied based on the microscopic level and on the functional level.  There are those that use reductionism, and those who use synthesis (consider the person as a whole being).  You have the brain-cell level and the personality level (holism).  You can use anatomy or psychology.

But where is the middle ground?

Thus we are caught in the gulf.  The religious somehow know what they think is true, and the those in science are skeptical.  Yet a huge amount of people are religious.  There must be some reasons for this.  

I invite you to the road least traveled. There is a solution.

The key idea is to consider brain organization.  Not the location of things in the brain, but how different parts of the brain work together. There has different departments that have specific tasks, and departments that monitor other departments.

For a sane person, the organization is stable and self correcting. If one department does not do well, the brain sorts out the problem.

The organization must have a strong element of hierarchy and have another organization that monitors the departments. If the monitoring is too strong a person will get depressed.  By doing some hard important work, one can help themselves from being depressed, as the monitor now says, good work!

Organizations are a part of any large enterprise, or complex machine.  A computer could not be built without a strong organization on all levels.

We see organization within armies, religious and business organizations. 

In these organizations there are the managers and the workers.  In general, the managers have more general education and mental skills than the average worker who focused on doing a particular task.  The workers are something like the cogwheels in a machine, and the managers direct the machine to an overall task.

Upper management supervises middle management and ensures that the aims and policies of the organization are carried out.

Upper management is not concerned with the details of workers, but instead is concerned with the overall picture. 

The brain must work in a similar manner. We must have an upper management in our brain. In this way we of what is good and healthy for us.  In this way life has meaning.


People teach each other through memes. A meme (pronounced similar to the word "mean") A meme is something that comes into our brain and makes us into somebody who conforms to another person or group. 

A meme is a unit of culture that may be in a form of a belief, an idea, behavior.  It could dictate how we dress or how we use our language. Memes build beliefs, join groups, and fit into our culture.

We wear shoes that match both feet.  It is a meme that makes us do it.  We are very aware of funny glances and we all conform. This keeps memes alive.

Some memes produce bad effects.  A person that believes in conspiracy theories is a good example.

Memes can be like computer viruses.  They enter the brain and can take over parts of the brain.  They can make a new reality, and change who we think we are.


Bringing Science and Spirituality Together

If the brain is organized, then there is a brain cell or a group of brain cells that are the head of the brain's hierarchical organization. 

These top brain cells become top brain cells as they have touched our elements of truth and goodness within our reference.

Beyond the top brain cells, there is a reference area.  This reference is slow to change, and usually unchanging.  It is our core belief system.

If you try to change a person's religion you will find how strong the reference area is.

Further, without a reference, how can we decide what to do next?  We can use logic where there are simple facts to work on.

But life is not simple. Questions like: What to believe? Who to marry? Who we think we are?... are not easily addressed by pure logic.

Our Reference System and God

Our reference system could not be a reference if it was always changing.  Because it is very slow and difficult to change, we can assume that it is isolated from the rest of the brain.

In writing these words, the author uses his reference system is inspired, knows what to say and understands its practicality and importance.

Naming the website "Deepermind" is a result of going to my reference, the upper most area of my brain/mind.  It is also the deepest part of me.

The word "God" has many meanings.  Every person has their own definition it seems.  The word "God" in religious organizations is often a spirit that can be prayed to in order for a person to get a favor.

Actually "God" does not change the physical universe based on prayers.  People could pray for the opposite things and then how could God make it happen both ways.

I instead ask God or Source questions.  In order to get an answer I have to be in what is called "high consciousness."

The reference system becomes clearer the higher I go in consciousness.  When I go high enough, I get answers from God.

Prayer for me is when I ask God to make me a better person. This does not change the universe.  So it actually works.  If I pray to ask God to help me study I get better grades.  If I pray to God to produce better grades directly, nothing happens.

So God is a Source of understanding and goodness.  So the word "Source" is more descriptive than "God", but less familiar. 

The Source may actually be Sources, because there are many considerations and methods of answering a question.

Blocking Access to Source

In ancient Eastern Traditions there are seven energy centers in the body.

I believe that these energy centers are not mysterious weird things. They have no color, certain location, or similar attributes.  They might correspond to ganglion, groups of nerve cells that are outside the brain.

Instead I will list them here in simplicity. 

  • Fear -High sense of threat relieved by flight or fight

  • Sex -Seeking the pleasure of a climax

  • Power -Wanting to control people for pleasure

  • Heart -Feeling the awe of love

  • Teaching -Feeling of passing experience and knowledge

  • Intuition -Deep knowing and belief

  • Crown -Being with Source

Fear, sex and power can so fill a person so they cannot access the Source. Love comes in different forms. Love can be hypnotic, possessive but it also be the tender feeling towards another mixed with awe and stability.

The Universe is Made by Source

The study of classical physics reveals that the universe follows natural laws, many of them quit simple.  For example, sound and light follow the inverse square law.

But the universe is also quite complex.  The human brain is of course a good example.  But plants may use  quantum physics to accomplish photosynthesis.

The Meditation and Mindfulness

The brain/mind is an active mechanism.

During meditation, we distract ourselves from the Monkey Mind.  The Monkey Mind is the mind out of control, different departments conflicting with each other, repetitious thoughts going round and round. By concentrating on the breath, we distract the Monkey Mind, based on the idea we cannot think two thoughts at the same time.

Mindfulness is a mental state were we focus on the present moment. In this state there is a concentration on what is really going on.

Both Meditation and Mindfulness allow the brain/mind to slow down and process what is going on internally and externally.


Hypnosis allows us to focus with help from a hypnotist. One should be careful about picking up memes.

A good example of what hypnosis can do, is a video by Lina Grace. Thishealing video is designed to relax the mind so that one can get a good night sleep. 

Feel free to browse around on this website using the Deepermind Table of Contents. I recommend certain books which support many of my ideas.

Feel free to write me if you have questions or
My email address is:    

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April 27, 2020.

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