Built-Rite Fence Company

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial fence work at competitive prices with quality work in Arkansas


Gary has been keeping the residential homes and commercial businesses of Arkansas, Louisinana, and Tennessee safe with quality fence work while improving curb appeal for a look the client wants. Here at Built-Rite Fence, we repair and install all types of fencing for both residential and commercial clients.  This includes chainlink, iron, wood, and so much more! If there is anything that you don't see on our website that you have a question about, please give us a call today and we would be more than happy to answer questions about your fencing needs.

Our Available Fencing Services

We understand that fences are a major part of our world. Privacy fencing is great at residential homes to keep you feeling at ease, ornate fencing is the perfect combination for commercial fences as it gives your business a sense of prestige while also adding security, and industrial fences are made tough to keep unwanted visitors out. Whatever our client needs for their fence, we cater to at Built-Rite Fence.

Residential Fences

Stained wooden fence in backyard with tree in front of it
Is your home's fence falling apart? Has it been overgrown by vines and slowly being pulled apart? If your fence at home needs to be repaired, look no further. Built-Rite Fence can fix it up in no time! If you don't have a fence, we'd love to install a brand new fence to your liking. 

Commercial Fences

Apartment complex with white vinyl fencing around the premise
Fences are a great addition to your business for many purposes including looks and security. It doesn't matter what commercial business you're running, because if you need a fence, Built-Rite is your go to! Consult with us today to see how we can build the perfect fence for you. 

Industrial Fences

Aluminum fence for security around jail
When you're in need of the ultimate protection, industrial fencing is what you need. These are made of much thicker material for extremely strong security. This type of fence fights corrosion and other deleterious effects of weather so you don't have to worry about replacing them. 

Review Us On Google!

Reviews are important to us and we want other people to know about your amazing experience with Built-RIte Fence. Click the button below to leave us a review on Google! If for some reason you feel like you haven't been taken care of properly, please call us before hand so we can rectify the situation and make your fence what you want. We never want to see one of our customers unhappy with the fence work provided because you are our #1 priority.
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