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As of May 25, 2020, 4Buyers Real Estate is open. We are ready to help you find and buy your new home. And we have a plan to keep you safe.


Before we go, we will find out as much as we can about the house, so we can rule out as many as we can ahead of time. Often, we can get floor plans, closing dates, and the pictures and data on the listing sheets. This is not a good time to go inside a lot of houses just to look at lots of duds.

Is the property occupied? Some of our agents do not want to show occupied properties, even if the resident is not there. Please discuss this with your agent before choosing to work with us.

While showing property: Our agents always wear a mask when doing work outside of their own home. They will make every effort to remain six feet from people outside their household.

They will have these things on hand when showing a house or condo:

  • Hand sanitizer for use before entering and upon leaving any house
  • Either wipes for doorknobs and must-touch surfaces, or gloves to wear when viewing properties

We expect our clients to comply with the directions of the property owners if they exceed our procedures.

Some sellers are requiring these measures:

  • All must sanitize their hands before entering and upon leaving.
  • Wear booties in the house or condo
  • No children allowed
  • No parties of more than two at a time

When we meet with you, 4 Buyers work among ourselves and with our landlords to keep the office clean and safe. But how about a walk in the sunshine (weather and ability permitting)?

For our full policy, please see Getting Out and House Hunting in 2020. You can buy your home with confidence–even this year.

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Where We Work

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