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Progress Through Innovation & Partnership

Dedicated to creating "Eco-Friendly", competitively priced,
innovative products & programs to improve the environment.


ETP produces a complete line of disposable bailers, well plugs, accessories and industrial cleanup products. Our products are available to end users through a worldwide network of the best environmental product suppliers in the industry...

All of our products are produced in a "Lean" manufacturing environment with a focus on minimizing waste and energy usage; and using recycled materials and packaging whenever possible.

EcoBailer Pro

The EcoBailer Pro
"Bigmouth" Bailer

  • hydrodynamic design
  • wider spout opening
  • super-fast sink rate
  • minimizes Dissolved Oxygen in the well sample



Favorite of Groundwater Samplers

  • available in clear PVC & Polyethylene
  • a variety of sizes available
  • now more affordable than ever


Bullet Proof Well Plug

  • durable - designed to withstand repeated use & abuse
  • only locking well plug made from recycled materials
  • tamper proof


Faster Sinking Weighted Bailer

Up until now, weight has been added to bailers by including a weight in the bailer tube, creating a water flow restriction that reduces sink rate and increases turbulence. Thickening the bailer wall increases the bailer's weight without increasing turbulence, resulting in a faster sinking bailer and more accurate samples.

Where can you buy our products?

Groundwater Essentials 877-99HYDRO
Enviro-Equipment, Inc.888-274-8929
Product Recovery
Field Environmental Instruments, Inc.800-393-4009
Waterra USA, Inc.360-738-3366
Forestry Suppliers, Incorporated800-752-8460
Grainger - S847-535-4000
Green State Services845-255-6300
Greenwood Products, Inc.888-299-9907
Martin Products800-557-9590


For International and Canadian reseller referrals please contact:

ProActive Environmental Products 941-322-8504
Waterra Pumps Ltd.905-238-5242



Our product resellers span the globe, which means we can probably refer you to a local ETP authorized reseller near you.
For a reseller referral, please contact us at or 1-877-505-1789

Become a Reseller

Environmental Test Products:

  • sells its products exclusively through its reseller channel and not directly to end users
  • is committed to its partners' success & profitability
  • offers excellent sales & marketing support
  • directs any leads back to you

Contact us at:

Correct Bailer Technique

Correct bailer technique


By following 4 basic steps, you can achieve accurate groundwater samples in a cost-effective and timely manner.

See the steps


Bailers vs. Low flow Pumps

bailer closeup


View independent reports that provide end user testimonials and statistical analysis comparing bailers with low flow pumps.

Read the reports



Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns at 1-877-505-1789 or

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