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The Old House - A Family Memory in Riverdale, Maryland

The Granados family occupied a house in Riverdale, Maryland (now known as Riverdale Park) from 1917 until it was razed in the 1960s. In our family, it was always referred to as "the Old House."

The Old House (from what I'm told by relatives) stood about a block or so east of what is now Kenilworth Ave and Riverdale Road behind that strip mall that had Patrick's Drug Store in it.

Ramón Granados, a Spanish immigrant running the Spanish School in Washington DC bought it around 1917 He settled in it with his wife, Maria Concepcion, and their seven children. Four more children came after that, all born in this house. My grandfather, Luís, was the eldest.

In 1927, Luís married a Riverdale girl - Anne Waters. Her father was the Mayor for a few terms and her mother was a local music teacher. Anne was born in the grey stucco house at the corner of Riverdale and Taylor Roads. My mother and uncle were born in the same house, in the same bedroom some twenty years later.

In 1930 …

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