Excellence Janitorial Services & Carpet Cleaning

Excellence Janitorial Services & Carpet Cleaning Services

Excellence Janitorial Services & Carpet Cleaning

Excellence Janitorial Services & Carpet Cleaning


Excellence Janitorial Services & Carpet Cleaning is a specialized team of cleaners offering the best janitorial and carpet cleaning services in Bakersfield, California, and its vicinity.

Our major priority is to bring quality and convenience to you at affordable prices. Our excellent attention to detail coupled with the use of high-end cleaning products guarantee that you are obtaining the highest quality services and results.


We are a full service carpet cleaning company in Bakersfield, CA. Our professional carpet cleaners not just save you time, but also ensure that your carpets are being cleaned thoroughly and safely. We use truck mount unit which is a carpet and upholstery cleaning unit that is generally mounted to the floor of a van or trailer. Its cleaning method is hot water extraction. It extracts all the deeply embedded dirt and stubborn stains.

Though renting a carpet cleaning machine may sound a bit tempting, chances are it may backfire some time later. This is why we suggest you to have your carpets cleaned by pros.

While daily vacuuming can just remove surface dust and dirt, you need an assistance of cleaning experts to remove the build-up grime and dry contaminates embedded in your carpet fibers.


Keeping your home spotless is a personal pursuit, driven by your preferred level of cleanliness.? In an office setting, however, it’s all too easy to drop the ball.? This is a grave mistake.? It’s incredibly important to partner with committed and reliable office cleaning services in Bakersfield for a number of reasons.

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  • Reliable and effective carpet cleaning services in Bakersfield, California.
  • We offer both commercial and residential carpet cleaning to our clients.
  • Our team of qualified cleaning experts makes use of state-of-the-art technology for effective carpet cleaning.
  • We make use of only eco-friendly, organic cleaning products.
  • Our commercial and residential carpet cleaning services cover everything from condos and apartments to restaurants and retail stores.
  • Not only are our services efficient and effective, they’re affordable too!


  • Highly reliable and professional janitorial services available to residents of Bakersfield, California.
  • We provide trained cleaning professionals who make the right decision for your cleaning needs.
  • Our technicians make use of only the most effective, as well as safe cleaning methods.
  • Our janitorial services include floor and carpet cleaning, tiling maintenance, and facilities maintenance.
  • Our residential and commercial janitorial services cover a number of areas, including schools, malls, offices, gyms, and hospitals.
  • No project is too small or too big for us!


  • We strive to provide our clients with cleaning services that are eco-friendly!
  • We make use of only green, organic products that present no harm to both human and environmental health.
  • No more hazardous waste and toxic emissions—our services offer only the highest standard of safety and health!
  • No chemically reactive and toxic cleaning products.
  • Reusing and recycling is a top priority for us.
  • All our cleaners are trained to ensure maximum effectiveness of cleaning methods as well as extensive know-how on green cleaning products.

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About Our Excellence in Janitorial Services

A clean house not just reflects your personality but also saves you from many health hazards. This is why having a clean living-space or workspace is so important in your life. Fortunately, we are committed to match and exceed all of your cleaning needs.

Taking care of kids and allergen sensitivities, we always use eco-friendly cleaning products that are natural and safe.

We always apply the most advanced steps to complement all your cleaning purposes. Our cleaning tools and products are considered to be the most versatile and safest among all carpet cleaning system known today. Similarly, our cleaning experts are professional that have undergone intensive cleaning training and follow safe methods while serving you.

Are you looking for a competent and reliable cleaning service in Bakersfield, CA? Excellence Janitorial Services are only a call away! Have a truly stress-free cleaning experience with our professional cleaning technicians, all at very affordable charges. Our competently trained staff and environmentally-friendly cleaning products and techniques have ensured a stellar reputation for us. Whether you want professional carpet cleaning or floor services for your home or office, we have a deal that’s perfect for you.

If you are looking for professional janitorial or carpet cleaning service in Bakersfield, CA, consider hiring us. Call us at (661) 833-0934 or reserve online.

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