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2 July 2018

The End of Blog Posts

Due to the lack of interest in this blog feed, I have decided to draw a close to it.

Thanks to those who regularly followed, and I hope you will continue to follow my exploits through my posts to the following:
  • YouTube: The major home of my video content, and where I now post a monthly workshop update, entitled 'Fluff & Stuff'
  • Patreon: For those who wish to support my online presence, from as little as $1/month, and where I will post early ad-free viewings of videos, exclusive content, and regular Q&As
  • Facebook/Instagram/Google+/Twitter: I try to serve up the same content on all of these, so you can follow whichever you prefer without feeling you're missing out.
Also, I'm aiming to continue to post an article each month on the new website, so please check those out.

Thanks and best wishes to all of you, Mitch

1 June 2018

My Rode Reel

News Flash

Please take a moment to view my entry into this years My Rode Reel competition, and hopefully vote for it. It's a chance for me to win some equipment to improve the instructional videos I'm making.

See it here: Meet the maker, in brief

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