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Is your boiler down and do you need help fast?

Collins Combustion provides industrial boiler services 24/7 for companies in the United States and Canada as well as overseas. We provide expert emergency repair and can be on site the next morning limited only by travel arrangements from the Chicagoland area. Our wide range of experience will solve your boiler controls related problems fast and having years of experience working with all types of boilers helps us locate parts quickly to reduce costly down time.

Are you looking for expert service for your type of company?

Our experience working for oil refineries, manufacturing companies, hospitals, energy providers, steel mills and ethanol plants has a proven track record. We provide boiler control system design, repair and start up services for water tube boilers, fire tube boilers and heat recovery steam generators of all sizes and makes. We also provide boiler tuning servicesfor industrial boiler burners, tube heaters, ladle preheaters, duct burners and thermal oxidizers.

Do you have a complicated control system?

We can handle repairs and combustion tune boilers fromhigh tag count DCS controlled fully metered cross limited PLC based control systems to locally controlled parallel and single point control systems. We have years of controls engineering experience that will lead our customers in the right direction whether it is boiler control system panel engineering, PLC control system programming or human machine interface programming. We provide all of these services from one source which speeds project development and eliminates contractor discrepancies.

Are you installing a new boiler?

We offer boiler installation supervision and performcontrol panelloop checks to verify wiringhas been installed correctly for control system components that have been rewired or control system components that are part of a completely new boiler installation.

Is your boiler meeting emission requirements?

We offer emission related troubleshooting to bring boilers back in to compliance if they fail EPA emissions testing. We provide tuning services for natural gas fired boilers, oil fired boilers and mixed gas fired boilers including boilers firing fuels that contain dangerous Sulphur.

Do you need proof that your system is operating safely?

Our field device commissioning and startup services are performed by professionals with certified and calibrated tools. Not only do we commissionboiler components but we also calibrate transmitters and interlock switches which includes detailed documentation of ourwork for future reference. After calibrating boiler safety devices we verify safe running by performing interlock trip tests and recording function and control system annunciation.

Our reports meet state and local inspection requirements featuring as found and as left calibration data. Further, we understand it is important to provide detailed documentation for troubleshooting. Here are some samples of the paperwork we provide:

Burner Management Interlock Calibration Report
Combustion Control Transmitter Calibration Report
Boiler Tuning Data Report

Please see our Services page for more details... boilers are what we do!