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There is a reason Jeanne’s program has won best in Hagerstown, MD for healthy weight reduction services!
Jeanne’s program is based on cutting-edge scientific research from leading metabolic researchers and cognitive restructuring experts. In one week you could be losing weight, improving your immune system and experiencing an unbelievable increase in energy!

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Best of Hagerstown Award 2020
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“Jeanne Rhodes is one of the nation’s leading scholars on weight loss and metabolism.”

– New Body Magazine

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Whether you have 200 pounds or 20 pounds to lose, the simple but scientific concepts of our Program will teach you how to decrease body fat stores and body fat production healthfully and permanently. In following the Program you will eat foods you enjoy, lose weight comfortably and increase your energy level without the discomfort and health risks of dieting. Most Health Professionals are now recommending a Lifestyle Change to lose weight healthfully and PERMANENTLY. That’s what we are all about!

No food is eliminated as you learn to work in harmony with your body’s natural weight-regulating mechanism to lose body fat and weight comfortably, increase health and never go hungry or be overweight again. Rhodes Preventive Health specializes in weight management, meal planning, stress relief classes and much more! We aim to help each of our clients become the best version of themselves by providing personalized attention and constant support. Call us today to start changing your life!


Sick of following generic weight loss routines, only to fall short of your goals? Tired of depriving yourself of the foods you love? Want results that stick? It’s time to visit Rhodes Preventive Health and get connected with a healthy lifestyle coach in Hagerstown, MD who can help you achieve the personal health results you want. Whether it’s weight loss, increased fitness or just a happier, healthier outlook on life, we take pride in helping each of our clients become the best version of themselves through individualized care that promotes overall wellness and health for your body.


  • Our program is tailored around the individual, with an approach to wellness that focuses on your goals.
  • Jeanne incorporates your physician’s recommendations, developing an integrative approach to healing.
  • Our consultant Dr. Dianne Hagan, PhD is a Certified Health Education Specialist and Clinical Exercise Physiologist, accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine. She is also a certified Diabetes Prevention Provider, a certified Yoga instructor through Kripalu Institute’s Cardiac and Cancer Yoga Program, a Reiki Master through Winchester Medical Center, and a Mindful School Educator.
  • Enjoy weekly classes and one-on-one appointments with Jeanne.
  • We’re motivated to help our clients achieve healthy, permanent changes! We want your successes to follow you through the rest of your life.

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Our wellness center in Hagerstown, MD is run by Jeanne Rhodes, a well-respected expert in personal fitness, nutrition and stress management. Jeanne’s programs are tailored around you as an individual, based on cutting-edge scientific research from leading metabolic and cognitive restructuring experts. By helping you understand the dynamics present in your own unique physiology, Jeanne makes sure you come away with the ability to problem-solve issues and take a proactive approach to your own health and wellbeing!

Whether you have 20 or 200 pounds to lose, Jeanne’s simple, scientific program will teach you how to decrease body fat stores and production in a way that’s healthy and permanent! You’ll work one-on-one with a wellness coach in Hagerstown, MD who will introduce you to the four core tenants of the program: nutrition, exercise, stress management and maintenance. As you learn how to approach each part of the program, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of your body and the ability to achieve the goals you want. And, we’ll make sure your results are lasting, with long-term support!

Stop wishing you were healthier or more fit and take action. Visit Rhodes Preventive Health today to start learning more about our unique program and how you can put it to work for yourself with amazing results!


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